To get approved by the State of NH Real Estate Commission, and to register to take the exam with the AMP Testing Service, one needs to follow a two-step process, as follows:


1.  Send in your completed application to the NH Real Estate Commission with your exam fee.  The exam fee is currently $155 ($170 for brokers), which is payable by check or money order to the Treasurer, State of NH.  After you are registered with the State of NH, your information is forwarded to the testing service (AMP).  They should notify you that they are ready for you to contact them to schedule an exam date, time and location.  If you don’t hear within 2 weeks of sending in your application, call the testing service directly.


2.  Call AMP (800-345-6559) or access their web site ( to schedule an exam date.  Please read the AMP Real Estate Candidate Handbook  (which is obtained from the website) for more information on the process and the test.  Exams can typically be scheduled with 3 days advance notice, i.e., call on Monday to take the Friday test.  VERY IMPORTANT, SPACE IS LIMITED IN ALL THE TEST CENTERS—SO CONTACT THE AMP TESTING SERVICE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.  This will help to get you an earlier testing date.


Other information that is useful to know is:


The exam is given in Concord, Manchester, Nashua and Portsmouth.  Exams are given in the morning and afternoon at each location, Monday to Saturday.  Seating at each location is limited (2-3 people).  Out-of-state locations (e.g., Massachusetts and Maine) may also be available to students taking the exam.


The Salesperson exam is given as one test of 140 questions.  It contains both National and State Law materials, which are intermixed.  NH state law questions will typically be prefaced with “In NH, ……”, or with some NH law reference so that they will not be confused with the National content questions.


The student is given three and one-half hours (3½ hours) to complete the 140 question exam.  {Note: If someone is taking just the National section of the exam (100 questions), they will have 2½ hours to complete the exam.  If someone is taking just the NH state law section of the exam (40 questions), they will have 1½ hours to complete the exam.}



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