The Salesperson exam contains 120 multiple choice questions.  80 of the questions challenge National content, 40 of the questions challenge NH-specific content, and there may be an additional 10  questions that are National and State content pre-test questions (which do not count toward the student’s passing grade, instead are being evaluated for possible use on future exams).  All questions are intermixed.


The Salesperson exam typically has 8 math questions.  Silent, non-programmable, numeric-only calculators are allowed.  Exam rooms may not be well-lit because of the computerized nature of the exam.  As such, solar calculators may not always work.  Battery powered calculators should be used.


At least a 70% passing grade is required on both parts (National and State Law) of the exam.


Exams are computerized.  Prior to taking the actual exam, students have a 15 minute practice test to help them get familiar with the testing software and computer equipment (keyboard and mouse).  Results are given immediately after completion of the exam, with a score report, and a breakdown of National exam strengths and weaknesses.  Once you pass the exam, information is given to you on how to apply for your NH real estate license.  The application is contained within the NH Candidate Information Handbook obtained from the website.



For Additional Information:


NH Real Estate Commission Telephone Number = 603-271-2219


NH Real Estate Commission Web Site =


PSI Services LLC (Testing Service) Telephone Number = 800-733-9267 (Monday – Friday, 7:30am to 10:00pm and Saturday/Sunday between 9:00am – 5:30pm).  All time are Eastern Time.


PSI Services’ Web Site =



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